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Why You Should Care






Our living trust estate plan packages avoid probate, are customized for each client, are comprehensive and fairly priced.


Our two most popular living trust estate plans are the marital plan for married couples and single trust plans for singles.


Both estate plans include:


1. Living trust to avoid probate;

2. Pour-Over will(s);

3. Power of Attorney for Health Care;

4. Power of Attorney for Asset Management if needed;

5. Grant deeds to transfer your home into the living trust;

6. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report to prevent Prop. 13 reassessment;

7. Assignment of Interest in Tangible Personal Property;

8. Certification of Trust for banks & funding your living trust;

9. Estate Tax Planning;

10. Excel Living Trust Asset Spreadsheet to easily keep track of trust assets.


What separates our firm from others is we oversee the critical funding of your living trust. Most assets belong in your trust; some do not. We know the difference and ensure your trust is properly funded and your beneficiary designations match your trust plan and intent.


We can usually complete a living trust estate plan in 2 - 4 weeks. We will meet with you for an initial conference to answer questions and gather trust information. We prepare drafts of your documents for your review and we meet a second time to review and finalize your plan. The third, and last conference is the signing appointment to formally execute your living trust estate plan.


Our estate plans are competitively priced. Please call 858-793-7007 for an estimate. 



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